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Our new books available on Amazon!

Great News! These two books have just been made available on Amazon as paperback or ebook... A STRATEGY FOR LIFE by Marion Cooper I have called this book, “A strategy for Life”, because as I look at God’s word, that is what... Continue Reading →


The question that doesn’t need asking – by Marion Cooper

I’m so distressed recently to be constantly hearing, in little snippets, about confusion over us all. I was in the hairdressers the other day and heard about a particular school in Hull, called ‘so progressive’ because it no longer referred... Continue Reading →

One Voice – by Marion Cooper

Some months ago, as I walked through the city of Hull, I noticed an advert in the window of a local high street bank. The picture was ambiguous and so, although I felt uneasy, I chose at this point to... Continue Reading →

Kindness found – an adventure in the Alps! (by Marion Cooper)

  Love is kind ! Corinthians 13 v 4 ‘We can’t all be clever, but we can all be kind.’ One of the many sayings mothers use to encourage their children to grow into decent human beings! And I have... Continue Reading →

Will History Repeat Itself? (by David Cooper)

Maybe God has a Kingdom Purpose in our current British situation. In the 18th. Century the British Empire, at its height, reached and influenced over 1/3rd of earth’s population. I believe it was no co-incidence that through that same 18th.... Continue Reading →

Confusion vs. Confidence (by David Cooper)

A spirit of confusion is blowing, like an encroaching sea mist, across the United Kingdom, bringing the cold touch of fear and insecurity everywhere. There is confusion in our politics, Confusion in our media, Confusion across our society, Confusion in... Continue Reading →

The Love of Money (by Marion Cooper)

What an unnecessary and dreadful mess this latest election has left us with! How badly did the Prime Minister misread the situation we were in.  The opposition leader went from almost despised to apparently wonderful in a matter of weeks! ... Continue Reading →

First Love (by Marion Cooper)

We have just had a blessed and challenging weekend with Brother Jun, (The Heavenly Man, ), the Chinese Pastor who has suffered so much for his faith and calling. If you became a Christian in the late 1950’s as I... Continue Reading →

Go the Second Mile.

  During our trip to Australia last October, one of the blessings was the warm, friendly and hospitable people.  People, who helped, advised and were genuinely kind. Like the couple who pulled in behind us on a deserted country road... Continue Reading →

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