I’m so distressed recently to be constantly hearing, in little snippets, about confusion over us all.

I was in the hairdressers the other day and heard about a particular school in Hull, called ‘so progressive’ because it no longer referred to, or addressed the children as ‘boys’ or ‘girls’!

Something went off in my head and if we don’t speak out, the confusion will grow and be laid firmly at the door of this generation.

Now let me say from the beginning, that my heart is compassionate for those confused and distressed about their gender. They must be loved, respected and included.

But I abhor that political correctness has reached such powerful proportions that we are willing to confuse myriads of school children to accommodate the tiny minority.

Children now have yet another hurdle in adolescence, and shockingly, even younger, ‘Am I a boy or a girl?’

I want to assure them, ‘If you have a penis, you are a boy and if you don’t, you are a girl.’ And yet it is  more certain than even this, apparently every cell in our body declares our gender.

Remember we have always had girls who wanted to be boys!  And we have always had boys who perhaps wanted to be girls, for many and varied reasons.  Left unlabelled, uncorrected and yet loved and accepted, the vast majority of children find their own way through the maze.

Young boys have always hero worshipped other boys and I distinctly remember having a ‘crush’ on older, pretty girls in my school. It has nothing to do with sexuality! It is all part of the maturing process. It doesn’t require any attention or intervention, that just makes it more important than it really is.

In spite of all out attempts to be ‘inclusive’, we have produced more troubled, psychiatrically ill, depressed, suicidal young people than I can ever remember in my lifetime.

Our ‘Only Wise God’ made us male and female for a purpose, so we could be fruitful and multiply, not just in producing children but fruitful and fulfilled in all areas of our lives.