Maybe God has a Kingdom Purpose in our current British situation.

In the 18th. Century the British Empire, at its height, reached and influenced over 1/3rd of earth’s population. I believe it was no co-incidence that through that same 18th. Century the Methodist Revival arose and radically changed society. [Some say the social change was as radical as the change brought about in France by the [blood soaked] French Revolution.]

The “Revived” Christianity of Britain at that time was then exported by churches, denominations and missions to its Colonies around the globe.

The British Empire then disintegrated over the next few hundred years, leaving the Commonwealth as a global fraternity of nations which used to be the Empire.

In my lifetime Britain has reached a low ebb, having shrunk down to an offshore satellite of the European Union, largely unable to trade with its many global contacts.

Yet today with Brexit, a vote which surprised even its supporters, U.K. is having to face the beginning of a new era as a global trader once again, not only able to trade once again with the Commonwealth, but other nations, such as China and South America, [who have shown immediate interest].

The last time God raised Britain up to be a global influence in our world, there was something spiritual at home worth exporting!

Could it be that the pattern of the 18th Cent. will repeat itself, and at the same time as Britain regains Global influence through trade and contacts, that God will fan into flame in our land a Spiritual awakening, a refreshing, a revival, call it what you will, but somehow He will do something in our land that is  worth exporting around the globe.