What an unnecessary and dreadful mess this latest election has left us with! How badly did the Prime Minister misread the situation we were in.  The opposition leader went from almost despised to apparently wonderful in a matter of weeks!  So much for the polls! How fickle we British public are! Now I don’t like to court controversy, or to coerce anyone how to vote, but I see the massive political swing as being very firmly tied up with finances.

On the one hand, one party came, from what I perceive, as the honest perspective of continuing austerity.  If we want to get out of debt and if we want to finance the really essential stuff, we will have to cut back on the inessentials. The money has to come from somewhere. We pensioners were due to suffer a little! We would lose the triple lock on the state pension and some would lose their winter fuel allowance. The ‘dementia tax’ also caused some distress. Now this was perhaps honest but clearly, with hind sight, was not entirely wise!

The opposing party on the other hand, promised us all money, ‘hand over fist’! From students to pensioners, we would all be better off and have more money in our pockets! The NHS would get  more cash and so would the Police. Only the very rich and big companies were due to pay the price. (Just ask yourself how long they would accept that before taking their wealth elsewhere!)

Anyone, absolutely anyone, can make extravagant promises of financial handouts. This is exactly what happened in recent years to the beleaguered Greek government. With EU handouts and loans they went so deeply into debt and so ‘financially spoilt’ their own citizens with early retirement etc that the country remains in massive, debilitating, humiliating debt, and many continue to live on the bread line to this day.

The Bible says, ‘The love of money is the root of all evil.’ And while I understand we all need enough, government isn’t our provider, God is. (By the way, I just heard that ‘enough’ is just a little bit more than we already have!) When we are voting in such an incredibly important election, money and empty ‘promises’ shouldn’t be our priority.

We need to ask ourselves, who will most uphold Christian principles, who has integrity and honesty. We should look at their history, background and experience. Who has a good track record? Look at who they have aligned themselves with in the recent past, who are their ‘friends’? Look at their marriage and family, some may say of this, does it matter? It does to me! ‘Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.’ I want to be led by a moral, stable, reliable leader.

Let us look through empty promises and ask ourselves not only will they be fulfilled, but can they be fulfilled! Don’t let us just think, how will this affect me, but how will it affect us, our nation, the young and the old, the rich and the poor, not just short term but in our future.

Let us never do anything because of the love of money, always make decisions in what we see as Gods will and His leading.

God bless this Great nation, God guide our leaders, God bring us as a people back to Him.