marion newDuring our trip to Australia last October, one of the blessings was the warm, friendly and hospitable people.  People, who helped, advised and were genuinely kind. Like the couple who pulled in behind us on a deserted country road to make sure we were alright and didn’t need assistance! (We had pulled in to see a dead wombat!)

One of these special people was the young receptionist in the motel in Kiama, a small town south of Sydney. She was initially just kind, helpful and interested in what we were doing. But the next morning as we were due to leave, she asked about our plans for the day. We told her the plan was to head just north of Sydney to the beach resort of Manly and from there we planned to take the ferry across the harbour and see Sydney City. She asked where we were going to stay, but we simply replied that we had, as usual, no plans and intended just to ‘turn up’. She warned us that Manly was popular and expensive, so she advised us where to get a lovely breakfast, right on the beachfront, watching the massive breakers rolling in and she would go on line and search for us.

When we returned she had, with difficulty, found a reasonably priced, stylish motel right on the sea front for the two nights we needed. She asked did we want it, saying she’d phone straight away and secure it for us, refusing any offer of payment for the call and brushing away our thanks.

We were so blessed by this kindness, but we didn’t realise until we arrived in Manly quite what a blessing her kindness was. As we stood in reception waiting to book in, people in the queue before us were being turned away, as the motel was already full and being directed to the large, expensive business hotel next door, at least double the price we were paying, because all the resort hotels were booked!

Even if we could have got a room there, this would seriously have damaged our budget. We had told her she was ‘an angel’ and that’s just what she was to us.

Don’t we all love people who go ‘the extra mile’. Who are kind, helpful and friendly beyond anything we expected. It is not in their job description; they are not paid to do it, or asked to do it, in fact they don’t benefit in any way. It touches our hearts and cheers our day.

And it’s in Matthew 5.41  that Jesus, in His alternative life style teaching,  taught if someone demands you walk a mile with them to aid them on their way,(the right of Roman officials and soldiers, the enemy!) don’t just do one mile, walk two! Shock them, be generous in spirit, show who and whose you are, even to your ‘enemy’!

Surprise, delight, cheer and bring joy to someone’s heart to day by ‘going the extra mile.’