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April 2017

Go the Second Mile.

  During our trip to Australia last October, one of the blessings was the warm, friendly and hospitable people.  People, who helped, advised and were genuinely kind. Like the couple who pulled in behind us on a deserted country road... Continue Reading →

Turn the Other Cheek

As we’ve been looking at the radical life of Jesus, it’s in Matthew 5.38-48 where we particularly find Jesus turns around the norm of His day and generation. In Exodus 21.24, the Israelite law says, ‘An eye for an eye,... Continue Reading →

How do I live in 2017?   [4] (by Marion Cooper)

  How then do I, with all my human frailties, take as my role model and example, Jesus Christ, the Son of God? Especially in these troubled and changing times, beset with prejudices and fears, how do I emulate such... Continue Reading →

How do I Live in 2017?  –  3. (By Marion Cooper)

We live in unprecedented days. Not since the Second World War have we known such massive movement of peoples. One of the greatest problems of this generation is migration and refugees. As individuals we have very little control of these... Continue Reading →

How do I Live in 2017?  –  2. (By Marion Cooper)

I was talking about how impartial Jesus was, and the other area that impressed itself upon me was His attitude to children. In Matthew 19. 13-15 it says that they brought children to Jesus for Him to bless them. It... Continue Reading →

How do I Live in 2017?  –  1. (by Marion Cooper)

At the end of last year, I began to look afresh into the lifestyle of Jesus and having taught and written on the subject of lifestyle for many years, was surprised at how challenging His life was. Now we know... Continue Reading →

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