dandmDavid and I have just returned from four and a half weeks travelling. We started off with 3 days in Singapore, then flew to Adelaide where we picked up a car and drove around 4000 kms around the SE coast of Australia, from Adelaide to Melbourne to Sydney and finally to Brisbane.

It was an absolutely fantastic trip! The scenery was magnificent, the wildlife amazing and the Australians such wonderful, warm, friendly, outgoing people.

When we were planning the trip, someone said to my daughter-in-law, ‘How do they afford it?’ Her simple and straightforward answer was, ‘It’s the blessing and favour of God!’

And that’s exactly what it is. Even in our late 50’s we had almost no savings and never dreamt we would be able to travel as we do and every few years do these exceptional long haul trips. Naturally speaking David was able to continue working until he was 72 and for the last 7 years we were able to save the pensions we were also receiving. But I choose to see it as the favour of God. Favour that we were healthy and strong enough to continue working. Favour that the church still appreciated our input and wanted to keep us on. And yes, favour that God has given us the wisdom to live simply and be able to put money away!

But the favour of God is seen not only in these large issues but in the small things of life. On our recent trip, I can’t tell you how many times we laughed out loud at the absolute goodness, favour and provision of our God.

The restaurant table in the window on a Saturday evening that had been cancelled, just in time for us to enjoy it. The last room in the motel, the upgrades, the freebies, the kindness, the advice and help of total strangers that proved so invaluable. The exact food we were wanting was there on the next menu. The phenomenal sightings of wildlife, including humpback whales with their young breaching, fluking and generally performing with an obvious and utter ‘joie de vie’.

Sometimes we didn’t even ‘ask’, we simply ‘mentioned’ it, and He gave it to us. The arduous walk we had taken on and I had just ‘mentioned’ how lovely it would be to see a wallaby, very shy, but they do live in this area. Ten minutes later, a rustle in the trees and there not 20 mtrs away, a little brown wallaby!

Psalm 30 reminds us that although trials may come our way and they do! That although ‘weeping may endure for a night, joy comes in the morning’ and that ‘His favour lasts a lifetime’. I want to keep my spiritual eyes wide open for this joy, for this favour of God, and to understand and appreciate how truly blessed I am.