dandmSometimes immodesty enters even the church and our meetings!

(In spite of having opinions on almost everything, you have to know I don’t foist these opinions unasked for on others, even when I was still in leadership.)

The only time I can remember talking to a young woman about modesty was some years ago. She was a pretty and really lovely girl who wanted to go on a short term mission with a Christian group and wanted to ask the church for prayer and if possible, financial support.

It was in the days of short tops and low slung trousers and when she came out to the front, I was so surprised to see how she was dressed. Her trousers were slung so low that if they had moved just half an inch, her pubic hair would have been exposed, her abdomen was completely naked.

I had to tell her, lovingly and gently I hope, because it’s not my desire to stumble or discourage anyone, that she had been very unwise to stand in front of a congregation including middle aged Christians and ask for support dressed that way. She was not going to be taken seriously.

I remember when our churches have had visits from international youth groups on mission, how strict the dress code was and they are strict for a purpose. The first purpose is so as not to distract the opposite sex on the team, from the mission purpose they are on and also to avoid unnecessary problems of temptation amongst them.

But secondly, if you want to be taken seriously, your words to be heard, if you want people to be open to you and have their lives changed, you must dress appropriately, if you don’t want to offend anyone of any age or nationality, dress modestly. I remember when Teen Mission visited us in Gibraltar, they were made to wear boots everywhere they went, nothing to do with modesty, it was seen as a willingness to submit to their leaders, a good spiritual exercise.

But I’m not letting the men off the hook either. As a mature woman, I once had to tolerate sitting on the front row averting my eyes as a young minister, in far, far too tight jeans, walked around in front of me preaching.

The temptation to lustful thoughts are not solely the domain of men, although admittedly because of our different ways of thinking, it is just as likely to make we women laugh in embarrassment!

When we become Christians, if we are serious about our faith, every area of our lives should be affected by Jesus and the word of God, our relationships, our opinions, our money, our leisure etc, but also the way we dress, which is so obvious and evident to everyone, should be brought under the authority of God.

O and yes, this is a biblical thing:

Romans 14.21 ‘It is good…not to do anything by which your brother stumbles or is offended or is made weak.’

1 Timothy 2.9. Dress modestly

1 Timothy 4 12. Let no one despise your youth but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, (the way we act and dress) in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.