dandmThey are two words I hoped never to see side by side.

I am so disappointed in our national church, I so long to see them on fire for God and growing, making a difference and being relevant in our nation. Compromise can be a good word, but not when it is in the context of our attitude to Gods word. If we are serious about our faith, Jesus and His word has to affect every part of our lives, who we are, how we behave, how we speak, what we believe and our opinions. And if the Anglican church is not serious about Jesus and Gods word what hope is there, not just for them but for the nation they are serving!

Now I know that there are some phenomenally good individual churches, preaching the gospel and the undiluted word of God but when the top hierarchy is bent on compromise, it must be incredibly difficult for the church ministers and members to be supportive.

I wouldn’t choose to belong to some Assemblies of God churches, their style and emphasis wouldn’t suit me, but at least our senior leaders are seeking to obey, believe and adhere to Bible standards.

Now let me say the Bishop of Grantham seems a lovely, gentle, kind, well meaning man, but he is a self confessed homosexual with a partner. (And shockingly the Archbishop of Canterbury knew this on appointing him! Is the Anglican church so bereft of godly leaders?) Even if we believe that this relationship is celibate, (which the Bishop claims), he and his partner are putting themselves in a place of undue and unnecessary temptation, exactly what we tell our people, especially young people, not to do. How can he possibly counsel those struggling with any sort of promiscuity/sexual problem. Also the Bible tells us that as well as avoiding sin itself, we are to ‘avoid even the appearance of evil’. (1 Thessalonians 5.22) The Bishop is being a negative example to other Christians and a bad testimony to the world!

He gave as an excuse for his appointment that we have homosexual police and politicians, why not priests? The simple answer is that they are not our spiritual leaders, they are secular leaders with different standards, unfortunately Britain is to all intents and purposes a secular nation. But we are the Church of the living God, the Bride of Christ. We are citizens of heaven not of earth, we are called to be different, to uphold standards of righteousness, to be role models, ambassadors for Christ, to seek to adhere to Gods word.

At this time in our nation and indeed in the west, we need clear, uncompromising godly leadership. Yes of course God loves the homosexual but it is abundantly clear from scripture, Old and New Testament, that God declares the act of homosexuality an abomination and those who indulge will not see/inherit the kingdom of heaven.

(NB Along with all other sexual activity outside marriage.)

1 Timothy 3 spells out the criteria for bishops/ deacons/ church leaders, ‘He must be above reproach….have a good reputation….keep hold of the deep truths of the faith.’

Titus 1.7.  ‘He must be blameless’

When King David committed adultery with Bathsheba, Nathan the prophet was told by God to challenge the king and in doing so he said,’ Because by doing this you have made the enemies of God show utter contempt.’ 1 Sam 12.14.

Our world needs strong sexual/ relational examples and when the church allows such sin or even the appearance of it within its leadership, it causes the world to show utter contempt.