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September 2016

“Call me Dad” part 1 (short story by David Cooper)

Listen as a teenager chats with his Heavenly Father. “Ben!” He pushed up instinctively through layers of morning drowsiness.   - “Eh?” A glance around yielded no clue as to what had jerked him out of his reverie on the comfortable... Continue Reading →

Homosexual Bishop (by Marion Cooper)

They are two words I hoped never to see side by side. I am so disappointed in our national church, I so long to see them on fire for God and growing, making a difference and being relevant in our... Continue Reading →

A Drink of Cold water (by Marion Cooper)

We’ve been considering how God meets our needs in an uncertain world and I mentioned last time that one of Gods avenues of provision is amazing, generous and kind people. Some years ago when money was indeed tight, I don’t... Continue Reading →

Mortgage Free (By Marion Cooper)

This article follows on from ‘Negative interest rates’ to glorify God as our provider. I could have told you about holidays, clothes, cars, guitars etc but I’ll tell you how God gave us a house, the home we still live... Continue Reading →

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