marion newIn the midst of all the change that is happening here at home, we cannot forget that other lands are also experiencing their own crisis. I mentioned the terrorist attack in Nice in my last article and then within hours, Turkey was involved in a shirt lived military coup!

Included in the lands in crisis is America. Yet again just a week or so ago, they experienced another horrific gun crime when five police officers were gunned down and many more injured at a peaceful protest over the killing of two young black men.

We here in the UK and across Europe are staggered that America cannot seem to grasp that at the root of the majority of these atrocities that hit the news, it seems to me, with increasing frequency, is their ability and desire to own guns.

I suggest that if every other person didn’t own a gun, these two young black men would be alive today, wouldn’t have been shot dead by increasingly nervous policemen trying to do their job. Who can tell if someone is reaching in the glove compartment for a driving licence or a gun! (By the way I am in no way excusing the increased level of ‘stop and search’ that particularly young black men experience.)

During this last week, I heard someone praying for the Christians in America, suggesting that they would be against the general owning of firearms and must therefore be suffering. But this is not my understanding! My understanding is that many Christians, even ministers, carry guns and that church meetings are armed. We have experienced a little of this when travelling in dangerous and unstable nations such as Honduras and some years ago, South Africa, but America is a first world nation, prosperous, educated and with a stable government.

This old entrenched attitude that all Americans have the right to bear arms is destroying lives, families and communities. I realise it will take a massive paradigm shift in the thinking of the majority of Americans before this can ever change, when even the godly don’t see it as wrong. Lets be clear, in a democracy, no president can change this if the majority continue to believe in this ‘right’.

Of all the difficulties in our nation, let’s thank God from the bottom of our hearts, that even our police don’t routinely carry guns and pray that God will ‘take the scales from the eyes’ of the Americans. That a paradigm shift occurs and they finally say as a nation, ‘enough is enough’.

Proverbs 14.12 ‘There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.’