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April 2016

Social Media- a force for good or evil? – by Marion Cooper

I should probably flag up right from the start that I am something of a techno-phobe. But I am surrounded by people who use it constantly and are always assuring me of its force for good, to stay in touch,... Continue Reading →

Discipleship – by Marion Cooper

In Revive Church, our Sunday morning speakers are often given a theme for several weeks. This is so we do a subject in a little more depth, rather than just touch briefly on many subjects. This month the theme is... Continue Reading →

Fresh, green and fruitful – by Marion Cooper

To continue the recent theme of growing older with grace and strength….Marion continues….. Another scripture that  we embrace and declare is Psalm 92. 12-15. Verse 14 says ‘They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and... Continue Reading →

As are your days – by Marion Cooper

  I have just celebrated my 72nd birthday and am filled with a mixture of contradictory feelings. First of all, how did I get this old, where have the years gone? But also I am so grateful to God that... Continue Reading →

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