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March 2016

Ambassador for Christ (by Marion Cooper)

When I became a Christian some 58 years ago, I came with a great passion! Coming from an unsaved background it became almost my teenage rebellion! And I’m so glad I did. My parents hoped it was just a ‘phase’,... Continue Reading →

To Brexit or not to Brexit? (by Marion Cooper)

In just a very few months, we in the U.K. will be making a decision that will be far reaching, unchangeable for the foreseeable future and affect the lives of millions of people. I am of course talking of the... Continue Reading →

Living Free- The Good Life [1] by Marion Cooper

Occasionally in Revive, we are given a series title to work with over the following few weeks. A short while ago the series title was Living Free and my specific title was The Good Life! I was really happy to... Continue Reading →

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